The James Stuart Papers, Killie Campbell Africana Library

The James Stuart Papers Collection, held at the Killie Campbell African Library in Durban, houses James Stuart’s handwritten notes made from his conversations with nearly 200 interlocutors, the majority of whom were Africans knowledgeable on the KwaZulu-Natal region’s history. Stuart’s notes were made between 1897 and 1924. Following Stuart’s death in 1942, his papers were sold by his widow to the renowned Natal historical collector, Killie Campbell, in 1949. It was at this point in time that Stuart’s papers began to assume archival status. Following Campbell’s death in 1965, her private Africana Library was entrusted to (what was then known as) the University of Natal. In 1972, Colin Webb and John Wright began work on producing the first volume of the James Stuart Archive.

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Online from: 17 Dec 2020