Resources on King Dingane, his historical memory, and his capital uMgungundlovu

Initiated by Henry Fagan

The following bibliography comprises a list of resources pertinent to the study of King Dingane kaSenzangakhona; contested representations of his historical memory; and his capital of uMgungundlovu. Readers can expect to find accounts by European missionaries and travellers to uMgungundlovu; biographical and historical works touching on Dingane; historical literature as well as theatrical works produced by Africans during the early twentieth-century; and a broad range of historical works dating from the time of the earliest written productions in the early nineteenth-century right up until the present, including newspaper articles, unpublished papers, and speeches. In cases where hyperlinks are provided, readers will either be connected to where the work in question is housed digitally on EMANDULO, to an external URL where the work can be viewed online, or to a URL where the work can be purchased.

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